Design in the Middle

Film, Motion Graphics

Design in the Middle is an ongoing project, where designers, architects and social activists from around the Middle East and European mediterranean countries gather in extra-territorial locations, generating alternative near-future scripts and design proposals to address challenges relevant to the Middle East.

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The objective of the workshops is to restore the conditions that allow civil imagination to thrive by creating a framework in which one can imagine diverse and yet-to-come forms of governance, coexistence, ownership, and alliances.

We had the pleasure to witness and film the collaborative creative processes taking place throughout the workshop held at the MAXXI in Rome in Spring 2017.

Video poster projected at the Maxxi Museum for the duration of the workshop

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The participants were interviewed about subjects related to design, the Middle East, and their experience within the workshop. Interviews filmed by Kara Foran.


Design in the Middle #01 Workshop

A Project by the School of Redesign


Curator of the Project

Maria Alicata

Design Curators

Merav Perez and Ezri Tarazi

Project manager

Elisabetta Dusi

Filmmaking & Motion Graphics

Sundog Studio

Interviews filmed by

Kara Foran

Illustrations by

Noam Weiner

Space Design

UAP Architects


Supported by

Goethe-Institut Italien


EPM Roma


In collaboration with

Fondazione MAXXI

Fondazione Baruchello

Fondazione Mondo Digitale


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