Degusto is a newly opened wine shop in Rome, set in the heart of one of The Guardian's 10 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe, Ostiense. It offers a rich and carefully curated collection of natural wines, sakes and liquors from all over the world. You can either grab a bottle — or three — from the tightly packed shelves, or indulge at a table and sip a glass from the always changing selection, whilst nibbling on some freshly made delicacies.

The name "Degusto" has a double meaning in italian: it can either be read as a single word, "degusto" — which means "I taste" — or it can be read in roman slang as "de' gusto" — which roughly translates to "with great pleasure". The logo plays on this duality, separating the word in two but also keeping it together. And when you turn it sideways, it's a bottle! Amazing, right?

The DG monogram also kinda looks like a little dude with a glass in their hand. Happy accidents.

Working alongside the three young owners since before the shop opening, we've developed an identity with a cool and a quirky side, whilst trying to keep things flexible and feasible to meet the requirements of a starting small business.

The funky old paintings interspersed with the logo where initially meant to be framed and hanged on the walls as a one-off thing, to evoke the vibe of an old "Fraschetta" – a typical Roman watering hole. But why print only one when you can print thousands? That, and the lack of real estate on the walls, turned them into quirky placemats.

The price tags were crafted with love and a lot of patience by our very hands. They are designed to be easily – and cheaply – printed and assembled in-shop, to avoid big printing costs.

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